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An Appeal

To the leaders of communist and workers parties and to the participants of the Minsk Conference of 3-5 of November, to all communist and workers parties, which fight for the building of socialism in their countries.


The participants of the 2nd Conference of the Movement for the Defence of Political Prisoners Fighters for Socialism greet you and congratulate you with the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which started the era of socialism on the planet, established the dictature of the proletariat and showed the way for the building of a classless society communism.

In spite of the temporary retreat of socialism in the USSR and in a range of European countries, the proletariat and its loyal ally, the working-peasantry will definitely be victorious. We highly value the tireless and courageous fight, which you lead in your countries for this future victory.

However, the exasperated battle with the forces of imperialism leads to the appearance of political prisoner fighters for socialism and leftist activists in many countries. Such could be the lot of every selfless fighter against the bourgeois regime. It is a point of honor for communists who are free to do everything in order to liberate the comrades from the prisons of the class enemy.

Today, all the progressive forces on the planet fight for the freedom of the famous Cuban Five. We know that Spanish communists, who strive to fulfil the dream of the revolutionaries of the 1930s for a Spanish Republic, languish in the prisons of Spain and France. The judicial authorities in Turkey get rid of socialists and communists by demanding several life sentences for the arrested fighters for socialism. On the territories of the republics of the USSR, where bourgeois regimes now rule, our comrades are also arrested, tortured and humiliated. Today in the prisons of Ukraine young people judged in the so called Odessa Case are kept in prison and it isnt by chance that this case is named the torture case. In Estonia the government is threatening a life sentence for the Hero of the Soviet Union, Arnold Konstantinovich Mery. Criminal cases are held against those who stood up to defend the monument to the Soviet soldiers on the territory of Estonia and this is, by far, not the whole list of the persecuted fighters.

The participants of the 2nd Conference of the all-union Movement for the Defence of Political Prisoners Fighters for Socialism, appeal to you to show the solidarity expected of communists at all times, to make a declaration for the support of political prisoner fighters for socialism in all countries and also to constantly and tirelessly support them and fight for their freedom.

We call upon you to address the government of Estonia in a separate declaration and to demand that it stops the persecution of Arnold Mery, as well as for it to stop the criminal cases against the defenders of the Bronze Soldier.

We will be thankful for any information about comrades who are being persecuted by the forces of imperialism, in order to make it known to our peoples and to fight for the repressed and the fighters for socialism together.


On behalf of the 2nd Conference of the All-union Movement for the Defence of Political Prisoners Fighters for Socialism

Chairman of the Central Comittee N. O. Glagoleva